About Our Company

E&E's Growth

E&E Construction was founded in Southern California in 2006 with a primary focus on delivering the installation of environmental remediation systems. Since then, E&E has grown to service a large amount of repeat-business public and private sector clients, some with multi-year contracts, to become one of the leading providers of a wide variety of environmentally related construction solutions as well as conventional construction services, serving the CA, AZ, NV and WA markets.

E&E's Core Principles

1. Safely & Consistently Exceed Expectations

E&E has built a rock-solid reputation by delivering well executed projects, on time and within budget while maintaining an impeccable Health and Safety record.

2. Uphold Unparalleled Integrity

Our insistence on working with each client to eliminate any potential for vagaries in the project plan, scope, or design helps keep the need for change orders to truly unanticipated events only. With E&E you’ll always receive a sincere and accurate response to your RFPs and can rest assured in the knowledge that E&E will always have the best interests of you and your client at heart.

3. Cultivate the Spirit of Collaboration

In circumstances where a clear-cut path to the deliverable may not be so readily available, E&E’s extensive experience enables our clients to engage and collaborate with us to help them sound out solutions, realize value engineering, and find efficiencies. That all-important spirit of collaboration exists from the inception through to the completion and close-out of every project, which is why, in a recent survey, the most prevalent reason our clients gave us as to why they keep coming back with more projects was aligned with this quote from a major global consulting firm:

“We really feel like E&E works WITH us and not just FOR us… A true team effort”.

E&E's Experience

With a multitude of highly respected key staff members, each with many years of hands-on experience in their respective disciplines, E&E ultimately provides much more to its clients than simply the sum of its parts. For instance, E&E staff members are often asked by clients to provide constructability input during design phases, or for value engineering and innovative ideas in design-build projects and other pertinent situations. Some of our key staff began their careers working for environmental consultants as constructors giving E&E an acute understanding of how its consulting clients work and how to work seamlessly with them in bringing complex environmental projects to successful closeout. Regardless of the client or scope type, as each opportunity comes into E&E, it is carefully reviewed to ensure the best minds are on task and all pertinent experience is leveraged. When coupled with our core principles, this approach is one of the key foundations of E&E’s success and, in turn, that of its clients.

Mission Statement

To provide quality services to our clients through integrity and value-added services where we all enjoy working as a team in delivering safe, highly successful, and fulfilling projects.

Vision Statement

To nurture a continually expanding work environment while maintaining a family atmosphere and strong sense of teamwork providing E&E employees a path to economic and professional growth through the continued safe, successful, and profitable implementation of our services.

Clients & Testimonials

As a program manager for an environmental consulting firm, I count on E&E as a true project partner. They bring their knowledge and skills to the planning and execution of projects to deliver better, faster, and cheaper solutions to meet our client’s needs. They think long term and continually build our relationship by always having my best interests in mind.

Travis Hammond

TRC and E&E Construction have had a longstanding relationship. That relationship was built on trust developed over many years through many projects. They are a firm we can depend on to provide a clear understanding of scopes and accurate costing for successful project completions.

Kenneth Thomas

E&E Construction has been one of our primary contractors for environmental construction for a very long time. They have an excellent “Can Do” approach to all of the projects and complete the work on time and on budget while still putting safety as a primary goal. The diverse nature of their company which allows us to get earthwork, plumbing, electrical, and construction all done by one shop makes E&E Construction our go-to contractor for all of our projects.

David Myers
Field Operations Manager

E&E has worked more as a partner than a contractor on my projects for over 10 years. Our company policy is to obtain three bids from contractors to ensure we get competitive bids. E&E typically provides the lowest price bids without sacrificing quality, and there is rarely a change order due to a lack of understanding of the scope of work. In one instance E&E completed a Lump Sum project and did not charge the full contract amount as they found a more efficient way to perform the task. E&E also maintains a high level of Health and Safety compliance, which is paramount to our company.

Dacre Bush
Senior Professional

E&E was instrumental in helping us achieve treatment plant uptime goals for a Superfund Site that was in the LTRA stage of cleanup. Their timely responses, technical savvy, and familiarity with a variety of pumps, blowers, electrical and mechanical control systems helped us achieve EPA cleanup objectives.

John Wingate

We routinely work with E&E to implement seamless service to our key clients. This work varies between simple hand augering to complicated subsurface piping and treatment system installations across numerous properties and public right-of-ways. E&E routinely brings ideas and resources to help ensure high-value results. I have used numerous environmental contractors over the years and would rate E&E as the best that I have ever had the pleasure to work with over the past 35 plus years.

Brett Bowyer