Project Name: Dual Phase Extraction System Installation

Location: Lake Havasu City, AZ

Job Type: System Installation


This is a busy gas station with 16 dispensers located in Lake Havasu City. The project was performed during and around a very busy holiday weekend. The work consisted of excavation activities, underground piping and well connections, above ground piping fastened to custom made shelving brackets mounted to a block wall, additional course added to block wall, vapor extraction manifold construction, custom fence with equipment access and emergency escape routes, and a covered corridor with a canopy protecting all above ground infrastructure from harmful UV exposure. The system consists of conveyance lines for ground water extraction, vapor extraction, supplied air for pneumatic pumps, electric conduits for future use, sewer discharge line and expansion options in the event new wells need to be added. 



In the effort to maintain access to as many dispenser islands as possible and help provide safe customer access to the live operational gas station, the work was sequenced with the higher impact areas being performed at night when demand was slower. Even so, the highest possible level of attention to ongoing Health and Safety was maintained with special attention given to assuring public safety due to close proximity to construction zones.


Although Lake Havasu City doesn’t typically see high volumes of this type of work, the local partners we vetted and selected for equipment rental, fencing, rock, base and concrete etc., were excellent, going above and beyond, becoming a seamless extension of our overall deliverables, and helping to ensure a successful project for all involved.

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