Project Name: Free Product Recovery System Installation

Location: Los Angeles International Airport

Job Type: Remediation System Installation


Implementing a strategy to install a remediation system to recover a plume of jet fuel, several million gallons of jet fuel were estimated to be floating on the ground water in a lens up to 7’ thick over 20 acres at 100’ BGS. At the completion of the installation the system was able remove 1,000 gallons of free product jet fuel from LAX each day. The installation of a Free Product Recovery System at Los Angeles International Airport was a multifaceted project that included the installation of the remediation system; extensive trenching, piping, backfilling, and concrete resurfacing activities; and significant electrical work – all while managing the intricacies of working within active airspace. 



Airport Security Regulations – Working in an active airspace, adhering to heightened security regulations, and coordinating with LAWA operations, police, fire, and engineering departments required substantial planning and creative solutions. E&E controlled its own access gate at LAX and was responsible for its own security and the vetting and controls of its suppliers, vendors, and subcontractors entering the site.

Highly Restricted Active Airspace  To reach specific areas with minimal disruption, E&E performed horizontal boring beneath active aircraft taxiways during overnight shut downs and an additional 2,000ft of trenching parallel to active taxiways, aircraft parking areas, and hangars.


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