Project Name: Gas Station Remediation

Location: Garden Grove, CA

Job Type: Excavation with shoring, and application of Oxygen Release Compound (ORC)


Implementing a permanent solution for ongoing and unresolved contaminations at a Southern California gas station. After prolonged remediation efforts prior to engaging E&E, this site still had a significant hot spot of petroleum hydrocarbon impacts. This project involved excavating to a depth of 18 ft (7ft below the groundwater level) in an operating busy gas station to remove the source of the hot spots. Then, it was backfilled with crushed rock to the top of the groundwater level and ORC pellets were mixed in to support continued bioremediation activities. The final stage included loading, transporting, and disposing of excavated soil; back-filling with clean soil; and resurfacing.



Limited Space – The site offered limited space for the scope of the soil excavations, so we implemented a 3-phase approach to allow sufficient room for staging equipment, shoring, soil piles, and truck loading.

Community Safety – The site was adjacent to the city sidewalk and an active bus stop, and one of the excavations was in close proximity to the property line. A temporary fencing system ensured the public and gas station employees wouldn’t access the work zone accidentally.

Impact to Surrounding Areas – Immediately adjacent to the site were residential housing units, and the excavated soil had a significant odor. We used a combination of odor suppressants and continuous plastic covering to minimize impact.


This site had been under in-situ SVE and GW remediation for years, and the site conditions had prevented the site from getting closure, this alternate method has allowed remediation to proceed and the client to obtain site closure in a rapid time frame.

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