Project Name: Landfill System Upgrade

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Job Type: Leachate Vapor Recovery System Install


Conducting a major system upgrade on an EPA Superfund Site north of Los Angeles which contains the toxic vapors and liquid waste that resulted from a former hazardous waste disposal facility. This Landfill System Upgrade was a complex project that included the installation of landfill vapor recovery wellheads, leachate pumping wells, and multiple HDPE and PVC lines – all while navigating extensive reporting and compliance requirements associated with Superfund Sites.    



Multi-Party Coordination – By their very nature, EPA Superfund Site Projects are uniquely challenging because of the significant oversight and the hazardous nature of the materials. This involved the added complexity of being a multi-company project that required high levels of coordination, teamwork, and extensive communication. 

Active Lines with Hazardous Materials – The greatest direct challenge of this project involved tying into active leachate lines. At each stage of this process, including line flushing, the highest levels of precautions were maintained due to the toxic nature of the leachate. Additionally, the system needed to remain in working order on a daily basis, so our team needed to ensure limited downtime when performing all tie in tasks. 


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