Project Name: OCSD Erosion Control

Location: Santa Ana Riverbed, Huntington Beach, CA

Job Type: Erosion Control, Civil


Located parallel to the Santa Ana River in the City of Huntington Beach, a sloped area between the recreational river path down to the property line with adjacent residential private property had been subject to significant erosion over the years, adversely affecting Orange County Sanitation District assets. E&E was contracted to remediate and stabilize the entire area by removing the unstable soils while protecting in place a high-pressure gas line, fiber optic lines and subsequently replace with a new structure. Work included the over-excavation of the entire footprint to install retaining walls, receive a rock blanket, and construct a pedestrian foot trail from the residential neighbors gateway up to the trail head. Due to the proximity to the residential properties, the work needed to be completed on restricted hours with decibel monitoring. 



Special care needed to be taken to locate and expose a high-pressure gas line, requiring the use of air knifing and very delicate hand digging.

Plans showed the presence of a fiber optic line through the excavation area however it wasn’t exactly where shown. Through delicate hand digging E&E found the line which turned out to be situated MUCH shallower than shown on the drawings and subsequently E&E was able to protect it in place without compromise and disruption.

The fence belonging to the residential property had a gate which led to the pedestrian walk path along the riverbed. E&E had to design-build modifications to the rock blanket to allow for easy walking access from the gate, up the structure to the path.


Often, when working in close proximity to residential property, the general public or businesses, it’s not unusual to find situations that require diplomacy and mediation. E&E works closely with its clients to minimize impact on a project’s surroundings, with the client often taking the lead. However, sometimes there are occasions where E&E is faced with real-time situations that require delicate handling.

In addition to being directly adjacent to the busy public footpath along the Santa Ana River, the work zone was a favorite hangout for non-sheltered and displaced persons. E&E had to sensitively encourage the group to vacate the area without creating ill-will, which we were able to achieve. As a result, the job site experienced no vandalism, no overnight camping, littering or incursion during workday operations, ensuring a safe and sanitary environment for all.

Also, noise was a major consideration for the residents in the adjacent property. E&E made significant efforts to deploy means and methods along with putting a lot of thought into the phasing of the working activities to help ensure the absolute minimum of invasive noise and disturbance to the adjacent residential properties. E&E received thanks in-person from residents during the demobilization from the site for our efforts in this regard.

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