Project Name: Paint Booth Decon and Demo

Location: Aerospace Facility

Job Type: Decontamination, Demolition, Resurfacing & Finishing


E&E was contracted to demolish two large, commercial paint booths. The booths were previously used to paint large aircraft parts. The paint used to coat the parts consisted of many hazardous chemicals including Chromium 6, and other high-profile chemicals of concern. Special care was taken to safely decontaminate all affected surfaces prior to the demolition of the booths. E&E repaired all roof penetrations left from the demolished paint booth stacks and filtrations systems. Finally, the concrete beneath the booths wear backfilled and resurfaced with 5000 psi concrete.  



Containment – Situated in an active paint preparation portion of an aerospace production line, it was imperative that zero dust or other contamination migrated beyond the exclusion zone. E&E engineered a methodology to utilize two preexisting paint booth structures to provide self-containment, through which all debris were processed. The preexisting sumps and pumps were to utilize safely port contaminated liquids to vacuum trucks and drums for disposal.

Safety – The larger paint booth had to be demolished in a working area of the main building of the facility. Special care had to be taken to protect the surrounding workers. Plastic sheeting and strict dust monitoring were implemented throughout the project to ensure on-going production was not interrupted. 

Structural – Adjacent and attached to the paint booth was a room that shared a common roof deck structure. This structure was cantilevered which required E&E to modify the structure to provide contract support to the remaining roof and booth.


E&E repurposed the main structure of a booth to decontaminate other structural components of the booths. This reuse allowed E&E to better control dust dispersion and rinse-ates disposal throughout the duration of the project.  

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