Project Name: Sewer Improvements

Location: Fontana, CA

Job Type:  Underground Utilities


Installation of approximately 3400 LF sewer line to include 13 manholes for future land development projects. Resurfacing of existing asphalt and concrete passing through two active trucking distribution centers and two city streets.


  • Installation of 3400 liner feet of various sizing of SDR pipeline
  • Trench box and pump jacks shoring down to 16 feet bgs for the entire length
  • Backfill and compaction to City specifications
  • Removal and resurfacing of >30,000 sf asphalt
  • Removal and replacement of curbs and gutter, V-ditch, and approaches


  • Discovery of unknown septic system that needed to be abandoned

  • Discovery of over thirty unknown utilities

  • Discovery of unknown VOC impacted soils

  • Sewer line crossed two fully active trucking distribution centers with extremely high traffic

  • 25% of the project needed to be performed overnight

  • Crossed busy public road which required well thought out traffic controls


Even with the unusually high proportion of unknowns that were discovered on this job, E&E was able to take them in its stride and minimize schedule creep. The VOC soils were quickly and efficiently excavated under E&E’s various locations permit and disposed of accordingly. The trucking distribution centers could not afford down time therefore E&E worked very closely with the City and the distribution centers to formulate construction schedules and phasing that allowed uninterrupted operations for all involved, including performing approximately 25% of the project at night. As a result, E&E received high compliments from both distribution centers.

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