Project Name: Stormwater Retention System

Location: Garden Grove, CA

Job Type: Stormwater Management


Ensuring this recycling and the solid waste facility was able to maintain compliance with strict regulatory directives by preventing any untreated surface water from leaving the site during rain events. This project included the installation of a large stormwater retention system that implemented various methods of collecting runoff and a complex filtration system. 



Site Traffic – The facility’s operations included heavy truck traffic throughout the day, which required a carefully coordinated workflow.

Excavation Risks – The site’s native soils were mostly sand below 2ft, which meant the careful implementation of construction and sloping techniques were required to avoid sidewall collapse during excavation.


Acting as a collection, filtration, and dispersion system, this stormwater retention system was designed to collect all surface water – including stormwater and facilities operational runoff – and ensure it is directed safely back into the groundwater through two large infiltration galleries.

On completion, the entire area was resurfaced with reinforced concrete.

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