Project Name: Street Vaults & Piping Upgrades

Location: Hawthorne, CA

Job Type: Underground Vault and Replacement & Street Resurfacing


Upgrading badly deteriorated well vaults to remedy increasing environmental concerns below one of the busiest streets in the Los Angeles area. This project involved removing the old well vaults, replacing them with high-traffic manhole-style vaults, and then resurfacing the area, both in asphalt and concrete portions of this long street – while managing the safe and efficient flow of constant LA traffic.   



Traffic Control – The greatest challenge of this project was the managing of operations in an extremely busy location. This very busy street in particular is a major Los Angeles area thoroughfare. The road needed to remain active during construction, so extra diligence was required to maintain safety for both the crew and the public.

Safety – The construction zone also needed to be secured at the end of every day using trench plates and modified traffic control to help mitigate safety hazards during nonconstruction periods.

Containment – Engineering Controls were implemented to mitigate this risk of passing traffic being impacted by flying debris during jackhammering and breaking operations.

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