Project Name: SVE/AS System Installation

Location: Riverside, CA

Job Type: Remediation System Installation


Installing a 36-well Soil Vapor Extraction (SVE) remediation 12-well Air Sparge (AS) System to optimize the clean-up of our client’s high-profile project. This site required more than a standard remediation system installation – incorporating additional trenching, building rehabilitation, tank and pipe installations, crash barriers, parking lot resurfacing, and the excavation of VOC contaminated soils into the original scope.



Cutting Through Reinforced Concrete – Initially, one of the biggest challenges was saw-cutting and the subsequent removal of a large quantity of 18” thick, heavily reinforced concrete. Special attention was given to safety as a result of heavy rebar. Disposal of the concrete required extra effort to separate this rebar adequately from concrete.

Undocumented Utility Lines – While trenching and saw-cutting, E&E discovered multiple undocumented underground lines and utilities. E&E’s team was subsequently asked to perform exploratory excavations in various locations – resulting in the discovery and removal/capping of 30 lines. E&E’s highly skilled equipment operators and spotters actually found and exposed all 30 lines without a single break!

Unexpected VOCs – During excavation, E&E Excavation and Spotter crews detected discolored soils and odors. This discovery ended up requiring further excavation, isolation and removal of over 1,000 tons of highly contaminated VOC soils. E&E managed the safe disposal of the solis and the subsequent import, backfilling and compaction of certified cleanfill.

Traffic Controls – This project was located in a high on-site traffic area, which required strict traffic control and sitewide notifications to ensure the safety of all staff and the surrounding community. 


The success of this high-profile installation – and our team’s ability to safely and efficiently implement solutions to a plethora of unexpected circumstances – resulted in E&E being awarded the ongoing operations & maintenance contract for this system. This project also initiated the subsequent award of multiple high visibility and high-value construction and remediation projects for the corporate client.

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