Project Name: UST Removal

Location: Alamitos Energy

Job Type: Underground Storage Tank Removal


E&E was contracted to clean and remove a concrete sump/clarifier. During an initial investigation, it was discovered that the concrete sump/clarifier was in fact a larger, 10,000 gallon, fiberglass, underground storage tank. Once the contents and volume were determined, E&E worked with local authorities to obtain the proper permits to safely excavate and remove the UST. Once removed, the excavation site was backfilled with certified clean soil.



Safety РUnderground high voltage cable ran perpendicular to the excavation site 

Coordination – The presence of other contractors, performing work concurrently made scheduling inter-communications a priority.

Training & Permits – Site-specific training and permits were required daily.


E&E was originally contracted to remove a concrete sump/clarifier. It was discovered that the tank was in fact a fiberglass UST and much larger than expected. E&E was able to react accordingly and modify its approach to complete the project without creating an adverse impact on the client’s schedules.

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