Project Name: Water Treatment System

Location: Beaumont, CA

Job Type: System Installation


Installation of a process water treatment system for a local juice manufacturing facility. The goal was to reduce the amount of solids discharged into the sewer system and regulate the PH levels. E&E’s role was to provide a turnkey system incorporating trenching, piping of all types, foundation construction, remediation skids and tank placement and anchoring, concrete finish work, electrical system installation, and start up/training of the system. 



The treatment system was originally designed to have all piping underground, with stub-outs at each individual treatment skid, tank, pumps, etc. During the project, the piping systems were requested to be installed above ground for better accessibility and possible future retrofit capabilities. In addition, parts of the system were changed and had to be placed in different areas that the original layout. E&E’s challenge was to redesign piping pathways to keep the correct pathway logic while routing systems around the various treatment skids, tanks, pumps, etc, including changes to layouts, also while maintaining pathways for the maintenance of the system after the project completion. E&E used Badger Daylighting’s services to locate underground utilities. Part of the property belonged to the city many years ago and had a plethora of utilities underground. Badger used a Hydrovac rig to locate every utility marked by DigAlert. The E&E crew was subsequently able to dig with precision once the utilities were physically located via this method.


The system installation timeframe was approximately 4 months, during which there were no stoppages of the plant production at any time during the project. 

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