At E&E Construction, we specialize in projects that exist at the crossroads of environmental engineering and general construction.  Our team is multi-faceted, and our licenses and certifications support our ability to offer a wide-range of environmental and construction deliverables.    

Driven by our commitment to maintaining the highest standards for safety, quality, and customer service, we’ve continually expanded our skill-sets to become one of the industry’s leading purveyors of full-service construction services – both within the environmental industry and in general construction.  This propels our long record of winning repeat business, as we’re able to address all of our clients’ evolving needs. 


Explore the most trusted solutions for the installation, modification, operation, and maintenance of remediation systems. When you’re faced with a soil or groundwater contamination, we optimize your ongoing clean-up process and maximize your results. 

Excavation of Contaminated Soil

Return your contaminated soil to its original condition.  Whether dealing with several tons or many thousands of tons, we have the experience, equipment, competence, and safety record to handle even the largest-scale projects – on-time and on-budget.

Decommissioning & Decontamination

Prepare your site for a clean closure. For out-of-service facilities that were used for manufacturing, testing, hazardous chemical storage, or waste management, our team works with you to transform sites from a costly liability to a profitable asset. 


Be prepared for the 50-year rain event.  To minimize liability, ensure on-site safety, and maintain regulatory compliance, we handle the implementation and management of SWPPP controls – including installations, construction, and ongoing maintenance. 

Underground Utility Installation

Safeguard the integrity of your underground wet and dry utilities to ensure long-term, trouble-free operations.  E&E’s underground utility installation experts specialize in standard and complex installations, including trenching, piping, and tie-ins. 

AST/UST Installation & Removals

Minimize your storage tank liability and prevent contaminations. We specialize in AST and UST installations and removals – ensuring your storage tanks are safe, the risk of contaminations is mitigated, and any legacy issues are efficiently remediated. 

Electrical Installations & Repairs

Maintain optimal productivity and increased safety. Our electricians specialize in industrial electrical installations and repairs, including Programmable Logic Controllers – helping to reduce risk, optimize your operations, and avoid costly failures. 

Concrete & Asphalt Construction

Simplify your concrete and asphalt projects with trusted expertise. In addition to top-quality forming, pouring, and resurfacing services, we navigate complex project timelines, networks of underground pipes and utility lines, and public use concerns. 

Park Restoration & Construction

Maximize your budget and enjoy unparalleled service. We offer trusted expertise for bringing park restoration and new construction projects to life – including interfacing with city planners, landscape architects, and habitat restoration specialists. 

Commercial & Industrial Tenant Improvement

Create more usable and productive facilities. We help our clients transform hazardous sites into office spaces, renovate warehouses to maximize production, repurpose old facilities, and bring current facilities into compliance with modern regulations. 


Let us take the lead with the skills and reliability you already trust.  As general contractors, we go beyond environmental work to offer full-service construction management – streamlining projects and simplifying scheduling, timelines, and budgets.

Special Projects

Mobilize the industry’s leading experts for your most complex projects. We manage, maintain, remediate, and transform Superfund, landfill, and specialized contamination sites across the Western U.S. – minimizing your risks while maximizing efficiency. 

Statement of Qualifications

Engineering and Environmental Construction, Inc (E&E) is a privately held corporation established in 2006. E&E’s main construction offices are based in Huntington Beach, CA. We are licensed to conduct operations throughout California, Arizona, Nevada, and Washington. Contractor Licenses and Certifications Include (but aren’t limited to):

  • Class A General Engineering License
  • B General Building License
  • C-10 Electrical License
  • C-36 Plumbing License
  • Hazardous Substances Removal License
  • Annual OSHA Excavation & Trenching Certification
  • Remedial Action Certification
  • SCAQMD Rule 1166 – Various Locations Permit

E&E is recognized as an SBE with many entities, such as the DGS, and we are also pre-cleared by Homeland Security for access to ports and military installations. We maintain a Zero Incident Safety Record among other H&S recognitions.

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