Concrete & Asphalt Construction

Concrete and asphalt provide an essential foundation for structures and infrastructure. When formed, poured, and maintained properly, concrete and asphalt will have a long life with minimal resurfacing needs. But poorly planned and executed projects can result in costly change orders and future liability issues. At E&E Construction, we specialize in top-quality forming, pouring, and resurfacing, using the correct specifications and highest quality materials to provide reliable results for every project.

Concrete and asphalt construction doesn’t exist in a vacuum.  Plans must work seamlessly with general construction, underground utility installation, SWPPP goals, etc.  Having worked on major projects, including active airspace on international airports, busy city streets, city parks, large multi-acre construction sites, and active city-block-sized manufacturing facilities, our team of concrete and asphalt experts know how to navigate complex project timelines, networks of underground pipes and utility lines, and public use concerns during the construction project.  Whenever necessary, we seamlessly interface with other contractors.

What we can offer

Concrete Forming, Pouring and Resurfacing

Concrete or Asphalt Removal and Replacement

Asphalt Resurfacing

Striping and Marking


Special Projects