Remediation System Installation

At E&E Construction, our team of remediation experts provides a full-suite of installation, modification, operation, and maintenance services.  We understand the importance of high-quality remediation system installation for accomplishing your goals, and we strategize on how to maximize your system’s efficiency with phase-by-phase reconfigurations, as needed.  When you’re faced with a soil or groundwater contamination, we provide the reliable and practical expertise you need.


From design to installation to ongoing maintenance, your remediation system requires specialized attention to ensure it operates efficiently and can handle the demands of your project.

 To address each of your challenges, we offer a full-service approach to remediation system installation and maintenance.  Our goal is to optimize your clean-up process and maximize your results. 

What we can offer

Design-Build and Constructability Reviews

Complete Remediation System Installation

Fabrication and Welding

Electrical and PLC's

Removal and Disposal of Legacy Remediation Systems

Modifications and Upgrades to Existing Remediation Systems

Operation and Maintenance Services

Special Projects