Special Projects

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Mobilize the industry's leading experts for your most
complex projects

When dealing with Superfund sites or other specialized contamination projects, you’re responsible for adhering to the highest ethical and safety standards in order to maintain compliance with a wide range of federal, state, and local regulations.  It’s essential to work with experts who can minimize risks while maximizing efficiency.  At E&E Construction, we work with clients to manage, maintain, remediate, and transform the most complex sites in the country.

Our Hazardous Waste Landfill Operations & Maintenance Services

Hazardous waste landfills pose substantial risks – both for the property owners’ liability and public health concerns.  The special projects team at E&E worked on some of the largest landfill and Superfund sites on the West Coast.  Our services include:

·       Superfund Site Management and Oversite

·       Landfill Operations and Maintenance

o   Closed Landfill Site Management, Operations, and Management


·       Long-Term Site Management and O&M

o   Assistance with Preliminary Assessments, Site Investigations, and Remedial Investigations

o   Short-Term Removals & Prompt Response Action

o   Long-Term Remedial Design & Action

o   Excavation of Contaminated Soil

o   Installation of Remediation Systems

o   Hazardous Waste Disposal

o   Backfill, Grading, and Compaction

o   Site Improvements & General Construction (as needed)


·       SWPPP & Stormwater BMPs

Our Construction Management and Oversight Services

Multifaceted remediation and construction projects require long-established expertise to ensure the complexity of the site is appreciated and its management is properly handled.  The special projects teams at E&E have extensive experience overseeing and implementing solutions on some of the most complex projects across the western states.  Our services include:

·       Remediation Construction Management

o   Excavation and Disposal of Contaminated Soil

o   Navigation of Special Circumstances, such as Deep Oil Well Abandonment Procedures and Geothermal Resources (DOGGR) Permit Requirements.

o   Site Characterization

o   Remedial Options Development


·       Construction Management Oversight

o   Subcontractor Management

o   Remediation Contractor Daily Management

o   Drilling Contractor Management

o   Environmental Consultant Management

o   Regulatory and City Planning Interaction

·       Project Cost and Schedule Management

o   Development and Maintenance of Project Schedule

o   Generation of Daily Reports and Weekly Summary Reports

o   Cost Accruals and Estimates to Complete (ETC) Development

o   Cost and Schedule Variance Analysis 

Contractor Progress Payment and Time and Material Approval