Storm Water Management

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Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPPs) are essential – not only to ensure on-site safety during storms, but also to maintain compliance with The Clean Water Act and local regulations.  Stormwater runoff on construction sites poses a great liability for contractors who are responsible for pollution prevention. It is also a main priority for industrial and commercial clients to ensure they maintain their SWPPP obligations and meet regulatory requirements.  At E&E Construction, we specialize in the implementation and management of SWPPP controls, including any related installations, construction, and even ongoing maintenance, where required.

SWPPPs identify potential sources of runoff pollution and outline the intended control measures, but the initial and ongoing implementation of the plan can become a costly burden.  Our SWPPP team helps our clients create the most efficient strategy and expertly implements each stage, so you can focus on the more pressing aspects of your project. 

What we can offer

SWPPP Implementation

Construction of Culverts and Drainage

BMP Installations and Management

Installation of Drainage Systems, Clarifiers,
Retention Basins, etc.

Stormwater System Repairs and Improvements

SWPPP Management Controls